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Bet|体育-首页_The State Council has issued a plan on transforming Beijing into a national scientific and technological innovation hub.国务院克日宣布了一份将北京回心转意沦为全国科技创新中心的方案。According to the document, China aims to make the hub a world leader in innovation, a growth pole for the economy, and a pool for talent.凭据该方案,我国计划使该中心沦为全球创意引领者、经济增长极和人才库。


The innovation hub is expected to become a powerful engine to boost the countrys innovation drive by 2030, the plan said.方案明确提出,到2030年,全国科技创新中心将沦为提高我国创意驱动力的强劲引擎。The document stresses the key role of north Beijings hi-tech zone Zhongguancun and neighboring regions of Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province in supporting the technology innovation hub drive.该方案特别强调了北京高新技术开发区中关村的关键作用,以及天津市和河北省的相近地域否决科技创新中心的驱动力。


It also called for enhanced fundamental research in cutting-edge technology, improved personnel training and government services as well as a better policy environment for innovation.该方案提倡强化对尖端技术的基础研究、提头角峥嵘员培训、政府服务以及创意政策情况。Technological innovation in pivotal sectors should be strengthened and should benefit more people, and the capital city should become more open to international resources, it added.此外,该方案还称之为,不应强化关键领域的技术创新,使越发多人获益,北京应付国际资源更为对外开放。


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