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BlackBerry Ltd. has had a busy week — it debuted a new smartphone called the Passport and reported a narrower quarterly loss. But do those rosy headlines suggest a turnaround is underway?黑莓公司(BlackBerry Ltd.)这一周十分辛苦——公司发售了一款取名为Passport的智能手机,季度财报表明的亏损额度也有所增加。不过这些幸福的新闻否伴随着黑莓将要步入转机呢?Not necessarily. The Canada-based company on Friday reported it recognized hardware revenue on about 2.1 million smartphones for the quarter ended Aug. 30, a tiny figure compared to the over 10 million smartphones Apple AAPL 2.94% sold over the weekend after the debut of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. BlackBerry’s quarterly revenue plunged 42% to $916 million from the year-ago level.不一定见得。这家坐落于加拿大的公司在上周五的报告中证实,在截至8月30日的季度中,公司共计售出了210万部智能手机,这与苹果(Apple)在iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus上市后第一个周末的1,000万部销量比起,只是个较小的数字。


黑莓的季度收益为9.16亿美元,同比上升了42%。And for those keeping score: back when Apple debuted its first iPhone in 2007, it took 74 days to ship its one millionth smartphone. BlackBerry managed to ship over 3 million devices in a quarter over roughly the same time period.再行想到那些过去的纪录:在第一代iPhone问世的2007年,苹果花了74天才售出100万部手机,而就在大约同一时期,黑莓在一个季度中就售出了300万部产品。

Of course, this reversal of fortunes isn’t a surprise. BlackBerry’s worldwide smartphone market share is under 1%, according to data from research firm International Data Corporation, far less than Apple’s hold on about 12% of the market. BlackBerry’s market share was a far more sturdy 13.6% just three years ago, signifying just how quickly things can turn sour for a smartphone maker when it falls out of favor.当然,这个时运大逆转并不令人吃惊。根据国际数据公司(International Data Corporation)的数据,目前黑莓在全球智能手机市场的份额还将近1%,近高于苹果的大约12%。而就在三年前,黑莓的市场份额为13.6%,甚至优于今天的苹果,由此可见智能手机制造商一旦得宠,形势将好转得多慢。

BlackBerry BBRY 4.69% is hoping to change all that with the launch of its 4.5-inch square-shaped Passport, touting the device’s larger screen and apps geared to professionals that have defected to other devices. As Fortune reported last month, BlackBerry is hoping government, finance and health care workers will find the device’s unorthodox dimensions ideal for their work.黑莓于是以期望借4.5英寸方屏手机Passport的发售转变这一切。公司回应该产品的大屏幕和应用软件十分合适那些早已改用其他设备的专业人士。

正如《财富》(Fortune)上个月所报导的,黑莓期望政府、金融和医疗界的人员需要找到这款设备非同寻常的规格很合适他们的工作。The device is off to a fairly decent start, according to CNET, which reports 200,000 BlackBerry Passport smartphones have been ordered since launch.根据科技资讯网站CNET的报导,Passport开局态势较好,公布至今早已有了20万部的订单。

Investors have bought into the BlackBerry Bet|体育turnaround story before, only to be burned later when reality set in. The company’s shares rose in the months leading up to the company’s launch of a new operating system, called BlackBerry 10, which was unveiled in 2013. Investors had placed a big bet that plan could work, sending BlackBerry’s [then known as Research in Motion] shares up 59% in the 12 months before issuing quarterly results in June. Disappointing sales of the Z10 phone resulted in shares tumbling some 28%.投资者之前曾坚信黑莓需要衰退并购入该公司的股票,将被证明是个错误的要求。黑莓在2013年公布新款操作系统Blackberry 10之前的几个月,公司股价一路上升。投资者遣下重注,指出黑莓(那时候公司还叫Research in Motion)的计划需要顺利,使得其股价在去年6月公布季度财报前的12个月中下跌了59%。



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