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Google is rolling out a new feature available to everyone that can have sensitive emails destroy themselves as preset, if Confidential Mode is enabled in Gmail.谷歌正面向所有用户发售一项新功能,只要落成Gmail机密模式,用户才可预设脆弱电子邮件展开自爆。The updated feature, which Google announced earlier this year, has become available to all its Gmail users, including both web-based or mobile phone customers, according to the US tech giant.这家美国科技巨头透漏,Gmail的所有用户--网页末端或手机末端用户,都可用于这项今年早些时候发布的改版功能。You can send messages and attachments with Gmails Confidential Mode to help protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, Google said.谷歌方面回应:“用户可通过Gmail的机密模式发送到邮件和附件,有助避免脆弱信息被非许可采访。

”Confidential Mode prevents recipients from forwarding an email to other people, copying or pasting anything from its contents, downloading the message or printing it.机密模式可以禁令收件人将邮件转发给他人、拷贝、粘贴邮件内容以及iTunes、打印机邮件。When Confidential Mode is on, users can decide how long an email exists before it deletes itself from a recipients inbox, and the sender-defined expiration date ranges from one day to five years.落成机密模式后,用户可要求邮件的不存在期限,发件人可以原作的届满日期从1天到5年平均,届满后邮件将从收件人的收件箱中消失。Google also allows users to revoke access by opening a confidential email and selecting Remove access to stop the recipient from viewing the email before the expiration date.此外,谷歌还容许用户撤消采访权限,只需关上机密邮件、自由选择“去除采访权限”,才可在邮件届满之前禁令收件人读者邮件。





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