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Bet|体育-首页:A Chinese home-appliance maker is looking to clinch its second big overseas takeover in two months with an offer for Kuka that values the German automation group at 4.6bn.一家中中流砥柱用电器制造商于是以钻营定案其两个月内第二笔大型外洋并购生意业务——对库卡(Kuka)明确提出并购契约,对这家德国自动化企业估值46亿欧元。Midea said yesterday that it had offered 115 a share for Kuka, which makes industrial robots used by Audi, BMW and Boeing. The offer is a 60 per cent premium on Kuka’s undisturbed price on February 3, before Midea said that it had raised its stake to 10 per cent.美的(Midea)昨日回应,对库卡的契约报价为每股115欧元。


That stake has risen to 13 per cent, and Midea was obliged under German law to make an offer for the rest of the shares because it planned to increase its stake beyond 30 per cent. Kuka said it would review the offer and consider public opinion. A person familiar with the offer said that Midea was “well aware” that Berlin would be wary about a Chinese company taking over a company connected to industrial data.美的股权早已升到13%。由于美的计划增持股份至30%以上,凭据德国法律,它被迫对库卡剩下股份收到并购契约。


Midea has committed to Kuka’s independence, including its listing and Augsburg headquarters, and keeping the top shareholders in the company. It would not attempt a takeover if its offer was rejected, it added. Midea also ruled out seeking a domination agreement, required in Germany when a buyer seeks to integrate a target and control its cash flow.美的允诺维持库卡的独立性,还应有尽有上市状态及奥格斯堡(Augsburg)总部,并且保有该公司的大股东。美的补足称之为,如果其契约被拒绝接受,它会企图发动并购。


Till Reuter, Kuka chief executive, said this month the South China group had “a very interesting operation”. Kuka had been in contact about automating more than 100 logistics centres, he said, but the relationship was “arm’s length”.库卡的首席执行官蒂尔罗伊特(Till Reuter)本月回应,总部坐落于中国华南地域的美的享有“十分有意思的业务”。罗伊特称之为,此前库卡与美的就100多个物流中心的自动化展开联系,但是两家公司的关系是维持一定距离的。


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